A statistical investigation into the prevalence of gender stereotyping in 5-7 year olds and the development of an initiative to combat gender bias

Gender stereotyping negatively impacts on emotional development, mental health and career choices. In this project we carried out a statistical investigation into prevalence of gender bias in 376 pupils aged 5-7. We devised research activities to gauge their views on various aspects of gender stereotyping, such as: linking emotions/feelings to gender; rating the competency of males/females in STEM/Non STEM occupations; drawing male/female engineer. We can conclude that gender bias does exist in 5-7 year olds. Our results show that boys are more confident in male ability than girls are in female ability, and boys are less willing to recognise female ability. To help combat gender stereotyping, we have gathered resources to be used by teachers and parents that explicitly target gender bias.

Category: SOCIAL SCIENCES Country: IRELAND Year: 2020


Cormac Thomas Harris

Alan Thomas O’Sullivan