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Wearable Exoskeleton for Upper Limb Rehabilitation

Upper limb impairment and deterioration of motor function require rehabilitation by professional therapy to restore the limb function partially or entirely. Due to limitations in the number of therapists among other factors, much research has been conducted into robot-assisted rehabilitation of upper limb impairment. A new low cost, portable exoskeleton for hand impairment is presented in this project. This exoskeleton…

19 de July de 2021


Water samples from different rivers in Luxembourg showed the presence of different levels of concentrations of nitrites, nitrates, and phosphates. Their effects on aquatic microorganisms were assessed by storing the water under different conditions and being filled up with various amounts of manure. Effects of the manure on aquatic organisms were observed not only by calculating their abundance but also…

16 de July de 2021

Utilizing Computer Vision And Machine Learning Algorithms To Control Smart Systems Helping Physically disabled people.

Between 110 million and 190 million people suffer from physical disability according to WHO. Eye tracking systems for helping handicapped have limited self-reliance features, long delay in controlling, and high cost. This project tackles the problem of Lacking Community engagement of the physically disabled by enabling them to use computers without (Mouse-keyboard) by wearing mask only by developing a novel…

19 de July de 2021

Using cylindrical capsule and magnetic fields to achieve ignition conditions in the ICF method

As of 2050, the world as whole will consume 2-3 times the energy then the amount it consumes today. Current methods to produce energy, will not be able to answer this need in the future. Nuclear fusion may be the solution. Is a cylindrical capsule, that is considered less efficient than the common spherical one, with the addition of a…

16 de July de 2021

Using C2H N=1-0 Spectral Line to Analyse the Line-of-sight Structure of Ophiuchui Molecular Cloud

We present the fitting results of C2H spectra from selected regions of L1688 and L1689 from the Ophiuchus molecular cloud, finding complex structures in the southern part of L1689 and velocity ingredient in the northern part of L1689. Gildas/class was used to fit the spectra lines. The result shows that the northern part of L1689 is a single molecular cloud…

Universal Device for People with Disabilities

We created the universal device for persons with disabilities to make services for people with visual impairment effortless, help them to be more independent. The issues with the perception of visual images will be alleviated by introduction of audio information. Medication selector, the interactive device can receive voice command and rotating sections turn to the position where the requested medication…

19 de July de 2021

Universal autonomous graph-based image segmentation with near-linear average complexity

This project is a generic approach to image segmentation based on the perception of images as graphs. Image segmentation is all about discovering the essential parts of an image – areas of similar characteristics. Images consist of pixels and in this project their relations form a system of differential equations, which provides information to merge pixels into larger groups of…

16 de July de 2021

Triops cancriformis. How to survive at climate change?

This project is a study of the Triops cancriformis egg resistance to high temperatures and the analysis of its chemical composition by thermal analysis up to 1000ºC and observation with scanning electron microscope. This would explain why it has survived the great extinctions of our planet and why it is considered a living fossil retaining the same appearance as more…

20 de July de 2021

Treatment of Methylene blue by CZTS nanoparicles for industrialization

The wastewater containing Methylene Blue (MB), released by textile factories after dying Jean clothes, is significant pollution in the environment. We propose a photocatalytic protocol for MB treatment, as semiconductor photocatalysis uses sunlight to decompose organic pollutants (MB). We have used, for this, CZTS nanoparticles synthesized by the solvothermal method. The protocol shows that about 88% of MB was decreased…

Transhumanism: Will we still be human?

This paper aims to highlight the general ignorance of transhumanism, as well as provide some key concepts to form an informed opinion about it. To this end, the fundamental aspects that concern it will be exposed and analysed and the repercussions that this philosophical approach may have in the fields closest to the human being, namely the social, ethical and…

19 de July de 2021

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