Research in the University of Salamanca

The University of Salamanca is an academic institution devoted to teaching and research in all branches of knowledge: Arts and Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences and Laws, Health Science and Engineering and Architecture.


It has a present focused on innovation and the quality of teaching / learning, research, knowledge transference and culture, with a clear international vocation; a committed and responsible future with sustainable development. The research activity is organized in Research Groups integrating Departments, Institutes and Research Centers. In the present moment it has various research centers and institutes with a status to apply for the excellence programs of the Government of Spain.

During 2020 the research production of the University of Salamanca gave rise to nearly two thousand of research papers, one hundred of books, one hundred and fifty PhD. Thesis and more than two hundred of communications to congresses. It accounts with a technical unit, Nucleus, which provides research support services.


One of the main assets of the University is the pursuit of excellence in the field of Spanish Language, which was recognized in 2013 with the mention of International Campus of Excellence in Spanish Language and values of the Hispanic World. The University of Salamanca is also a reference institution in the assessment and certification of the Spanish Language.

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