TikTok Challenge
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TikTok Challenge

How to participate:


The challenge aims at the young researchers to explain their projects. Thus, the following guidelines shall be undertaken:


  • The beginning must be: #AlwaysWantedTo, that’s why I have developed a project that/for…
  • The project must be explained in the video by making some practical stuff related with the project or by using text lines and stickers.
  • Maximum length of video must be no longer that 1 minute.
  • The song Todo de Ti (by Rauw Alejandro) must be used.
  • Use the following hashtags: #EUCYS2021, #UniversidadDeSalamanca, #Science, #YoungScientists, #SiempreQuiseAprenderA, #AlwaysWantedTo
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Junta de Castilla y León
Ayuntamiento de Salamanca