The Aerodynamics of Paper Airplanes

How airplanes fly is one of the most important questions within the field of air- and spacecraft development. By studying how paper airplanes behave, one can develop knowledge on flight principles. The purpose of this scientific report was to gain a better understanding of how the design of a paper airplane affected the longest possible flight distance. The studies show that the models with a higher wing loading and thicker wings contributed to balancing the forces affecting the paper airplane, leading to the airplane being able to travel in a more stable trajectory in the same direction. The higher wing loading also resulted in less drag and a more even lift force. Lastly, the coandă effect depends on the angle of attack and thus also on how far the paper airplane can travel.

Category: PHYSICS Country: SWEDEN Year: 2021


William Daniel McGillivray

Linus Karlsson

Viktor Karl Niklas Brink