Sinking Bubbles – On the Behavior of Air Bubbles in a Vertically Oscillating Column of Liquid

We are used to bubbles rising in liquids, however, when a column of liquid is oscillated vertically, it is not always the case. Experiments have been conducted to determine the critical conditions under which such a behavior occurs. In a second part of this paper, it is shown, that the experimental results are in good agreement with an equation of motion describing the air bubble’s motion in a water column. Lastly, the behavior of bubbles in a vertically oscillating oil column was qualitatively explained, that is a new equation of motion was found and experiments have been conducted to verify its accuracy. After measuring the Reynolds Number of both flows, we can conclude, that due to the density and viscosity of the oil, different differential equations are needed.

Category: PHYSICS Country: SWITZERLAND Year: 2020


Ophélie Léna Rivière