Investigation of Spectral Response and Efficiency of Boron and Nitrogen doped Diamond-like carbon as a Top Junction on Multijunction Solar Cells

The energy consumption of the world is increasing day by day. As a result Greenhouse gases and aerosols are emitted into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. The emission of these gases can be easily reduced by using renewable energy sources. This project researches the usability of an amorphous carbon material called Diamond-like carbon(DLC) in solar cells. One of the most interesting property of DLC it’s chemical structure, DLC contains the chemical bonds of graphite(sp2) and diamond(sp3) at the same time. Thanks to this property very interesting phenomena called “Quantum Mechanical Tunneling” occurs, which makes DLC neither conductive like graphite nor insulator like diamond, and instead behaves like a semiconductor.

Category: PHYSICS Country: TURKEY Year: 2020