In the footsteps of an invisible companion around an exotic eclipsing binary star system

The J0640+3856 is a subdwarf red-dwarf eclipsing binary system which was discovered in 2015. at Piszkéstető Observatory. The discovered star has an orbital period of 0.187284394 days and the optical eclipse depth in excess of 6 magnitudes. The special featu-re of the described binary is that, it is the binary with the deepest eclipses compared to other binary systems. I studied this binary using 5 years of archival data in order to discover a third companion in the system. As the part of my project, additional measurements were taken for me at the Piszkéstető Observatory with the recently installed 0.8 m Ritchey-Chrétien telescope. As a result, I successfully determined a new, updated ephemeris, so the future times of minima for the following cycles can be predicted more accurately.

Category: PHYSICS Country: HUNGARY Year: 2021


Gábor Gergő Balázs