A Mighty Mushroom and the Power of Poop : Testing Biogas Production using Spent Mushroom Substrate Phase 2

Methane produced from animal waste impacts global warming 21 times more than CO2. Globally, around 570 million tons of methane is released and wasted annually. This energy source can be harnessed to produce renewable, sustainable energy. This experiment aimed to optimize anaerobic digestion by (i) comparing biogas production from ruminant vs. monogastric manure and (ii) observing whether adding spent mushroom substrate (SMS) would increase biogas volume. Various combinations of manures and SMS were tested. Results showed that ruminant manure outperformed monogastric when treated with SMS and the addition of SMS always increased biogas yield. Using SMS to efficiently convert manure into useful biofuel could improve its adoption as an energy source and help mitigate climate change.

Category: ENVIRONMENT Country: CANADA Year: 2021


Calvin Karthik