Creating a Biodegradable Mask from Lignin Extracted from Chestnut

We used hydrolyzed lignin extracted from the hard shell of chestnuts. We then combined lignin with polyvinyl alcohol(PVA) and utilized electrospinning to polymerize the solution and create a nanofiber matrix. Testing the matrix showed that the matrix could be used to create a recyclable, biodegradable facial mask. Observations under SEM allowed us to observe the nanostructure of the matrix, and test its potential as a filter. We then compared the Lignin mask with commercially available facial masks and tested the filtration efficiency and splash resistance. Further work is being done on methods to chemically treat the fabric to remove microdust and viruses, to show that the lignin mask is a commercially viable method of recycling old wood waste.

Category: CHEMISTRY Country: SOUTH KOREA Year: 2021


Suhyun Lee

Haeun Choi