Metal-air battery

Metal-air batteries, such as Al-air, Zn-air, Mg-air are a novel green energy storage devices, which overcome the limitations of hydrogen technology and Li-ion batteries in replacing fossil fuels. Using mainly chronopotentiometry and impedance spectroscopy techniques in a three-electrode system, the emphasis was on testing 171 cathode prototypes to develop a state-of-art cathode. The developed cathodes were used in a full-sized battery cell which was assembled in a tic-tac case combined with different anodes and electrolytes. Measured voltages and currents were converted to powers and efficiencies. Cathodes developed demonstrated superior results compared to literature. Our batteries reached high power output of over 100 mW cm-2 and coulombic efficiencies within 64% and 100%.

Category: CHEMISTRY Country: ESTONIA Year: 2020


Paul Erik Olli