Determination and impact of radioactive contamination on freshwater and saltwater fauna

The nuclear accident of March 11, 2011 in Fukushima was a crucial experience for mankind. The whole world was in shock and the effects were still unclear at that time. Later it turned out that numerous waters of the earth and thereby its inhabitants were significantly contaminated. On the occasion of the ten-year commemoration of Fukushima, it was the concern of two students of the HLUW Yspertal (a higher vocational school specialised in science and economy) to examine the aquatic fauna of different regions of the world for radioactive contamination. The results of this diploma thesis show that the radioactive contamination of the freshwater and saltwater fauna is not harmful but still measurable. The radioactive contamination of every measured sample is far below the limit values.

Category: PHYSICS Country: AUSTRIA Year: 2021


Michael Pichler

Marie Strasser