Using C2H N=1-0 Spectral Line to Analyse the Line-of-sight Structure of Ophiuchui Molecular Cloud

We present the fitting results of C2H spectra from selected regions of L1688 and L1689 from the Ophiuchus molecular cloud, finding complex structures in the southern part of L1689 and velocity ingredient in the northern part of L1689. Gildas/class was used to fit the spectra lines. The result shows that the northern part of L1689 is a single molecular cloud with velocity gradient at 0.13 km/(s arcminute) ; The southern part is separated into two parts with a typical velocity difference, which implies the complex structure may exist in most molecular cloud. We suggest that the northern part of L1689 is rotating, and there is a sub-structure in the southern part of L1689.

Category: PHYSICS Country: CHINA Year: 2020


Mingyu Tian