Fabric modification with an electrically conductive compound containing carbon nanoparticles to obtain a virus-protective system

During the COVID pandemic, it’s necessary to follow WHO recommendations, such as: wearing face mask, washing hands frequently. Yet, these norms are not enough, because the virus can invade our body in other ways. Medical gowns are made of polypropylene fiber fabric extracted from the fusion, on which virus lives for 8 hrs. Project goal is to modify a protective gown against virus. Modified disposable gowns will become reusable, which will be cheaper and it will be far effective. Virus will lose activity once it appears on the surface of the modified med. gown. Fabric surface is modified with antistatic substances. As a result, a small electric charge is distributed on its entire surface. Innovation is in coating the fabric with antistatic substances containing nanoparticles.

Category: PHYSICS Country: GEORGIA Year: 2021


Anastasia Chalagashvili

Mariam Mikadze