Wearable Exoskeleton for Upper Limb Rehabilitation

Upper limb impairment and deterioration of motor function require rehabilitation by professional therapy to restore the limb function partially or entirely. Due to limitations in the number of therapists among other factors, much research has been conducted into robot-assisted rehabilitation of upper limb impairment. A new low cost, portable exoskeleton for hand impairment is presented in this project. This exoskeleton is a soft-actuated model that provides assessment with daily tasks such as grasping and reaching. It is constructed from 3D printed, easily-available, and low-cost components. An app is used to allow the exoskeleton to read and perform pre-determined movements. Simulation of the exoskeleton kinematics validated the design and control of the prototype.

Category: MEDICINE Country: EGYPT Year: 2021


Mona Alaa

Rawan Khaled