Immune response against cytomegalovirus and its association with inflammatory diseases in old individuals

Persistent cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is one of the drivers of immunological ageing, which impairs the immune function of elderly people. In this study we show that higher anti-CMV antibody levels are associated with several chronic diseases in old individuals. We found that people diagnosed with either type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease or disorders of the thyroid gland had significantly higher CMV-specific antibody titres compared to healthy people. Females had higher anti-CMV antibody titres than males and higher antibody levels correlated positively with age. Our results show that age-related disorders are associated with CMV infection and confirm the age- and sex-associated differences of CMV-specific antibody levels demonstrated by previous studies.

Category: MEDICINE Country: ESTONIA Year: 2020


Anna Pauliina Rumm