The dynamic effect of oxytocin treatment on autistic-like behaviors in a genetic model of autism

“Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a heterogeneous condition with no efficient treatment targeting its core symptoms available. This project aimed to investigate the dynamic changes in long-term effect of a subchronic intranasal oxytocin (0.8 IU/kg) treatment during the treatment period and after its termination in the Shank3 deficient mouse model of autism. Our results indicate prosocial and anxiolytic effects of oxytocin in both female and male Shank3(-/-) mice. Moreover, we found that termination of the subchronic treatment results in socially ambivalent behavior. Further interventional experiments are needed to fully elucidate the therapeutic potential of oxytocin in ASD.”

Category: MEDICINE Country: SLOVAKIA Year: 2021


Matus Mlynar