An assessment of the pollution of urban rivers by microplastics and their penetration of food webs based on the example of the river system in the Łódź agglomeration (central Poland)

Despite extensive research, we still don’t know everything about microplastic in the environment. That’s why, when I accidentally detected microplastic in bird pellet of protected species, I decided to begin researching this topic. The main purpose of this study was to recognize the contamination of small rivers in urbanized areas of my home city and check how the microplastics are capable to penetrate food networks. It turned out that I detected microplastic on all searched sites on chosen rivers, even those far from the city centre. Also, I detected microplastic in excrements and pellets of all investigated vertebrates. My research showed that the problem of microplastic in urban river systems is very serious especially given the possible consequences for nature protection.

Category: ENVIRONMENT Country: POLAND Year: 2020


Jarosław Jakub Brodecki