Detect The Defect (D.D)

“When the Well is Dry, we will know the Worth of Water”. Most of the world’s countries including Egypt suffers from water and petrol shortage, especially in the previous decays. With the current consumption rate, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages by 2025. Also, every day more than 3.3 billion liters of treated water are lost through leaking pipes in England and Wales. Out of our responsibility towards the world in which we live, we had to come up will a solution that lowers the loss of water and petrol. we designed a system that can detect fluid leakage and deal with it fast to prevent the wasting of fluid by building wireless devices that connect together and with the cloud system to mentor and control the fluid.

Category: ENVIRONMENT Country: EGYPT Year: 2020


Abdelrahman Waleed

Mohamed Ashraf