The Self-sorting Recycling Bin

The project covers the topic of automatic sorting, and in order to showcase this in a useful real-world application we have chosen to direct our attention towards building a self-sorting recycling bin that can help solve the problem of waste-pollution. Here the idea is to use a Machine Learning algorithm analyzing sound in order to distinguish and thereby sort waste consisting of different materials. For now the project focuses on the three recyclables plastic, metal and glass since these materials contribute to a large part of the world’s waste. The sorting mechanism uses audio identification to distinguish the sounds emitted by the different materials when they are thrown into the recycling bin, and hereby the self-sorting recycling bin can identify and sort waste automatically.

Category: ENGINEERING Country: DENMARK Year: 2020


Nicolai Emil Damm

Adian Khair Øllegaard

Markus Valdemar Grønkjær Jensen