Utilizing Computer Vision And Machine Learning Algorithms To Control Smart Systems Helping Physically disabled people.

Between 110 million and 190 million people suffer from physical disability according to WHO. Eye tracking systems for helping handicapped have limited self-reliance features, long delay in controlling, and high cost. This project tackles the problem of Lacking Community engagement of the physically disabled by enabling them to use computers without (Mouse-keyboard) by wearing mask only by developing a novel Algorithm. A mask was designed by researchers has 3 colors placed on its surface that allow user to control computer’s cursor by moving attached colors using his tongue through our developed software via camera. The project was tested in two phases: algorithmic and real-world viability. Algorithmically, the performance was measured by testing 1500 (open sources) videos full of colors an…

Category: COMPUTING Country: EGYPT Year: 2021


Mostafa Ahmed

Gasser Galal