Optimising Fly ash based Geopolymer Concrete

Geopolymer concretes are a sustainable alternative to traditional concrete, characterised by their use of lower amounts of energy and raw materials, whilst having durable chemical and physical properties. Geopolymer concretes are produced through a geopolymerisation reaction, made by activating source materials such as fly ash with alkaline solutions. The investigation’s aim was to compare the durability of fly ash based geopolymer concrete, as the ratio between sodium silicate and sodium hydroxide in the alkaline activator solution is changed. The durability was determined through a sorptivity test. A negative relationship between the ratios and the sorptivity of the samples was observed. These findings can be used in industry to produce durable fly ash based geopolymer concrete.

Category: CHEMISTRY Country: NORWAY Year: 2021


Mattieu Raphael Raphael Bou