Treatment of Methylene blue by CZTS nanoparicles for industrialization

The wastewater containing Methylene Blue (MB), released by textile factories after dying Jean clothes, is significant pollution in the environment. We propose a photocatalytic protocol for MB treatment, as semiconductor photocatalysis uses sunlight to decompose organic pollutants (MB). We have used, for this, CZTS nanoparticles synthesized by the solvothermal method. The protocol shows that about 88% of MB was decreased in 260mn under visible light, efficiently. For industrialization, we propose a prototype of treating MB wastewater and obtaining a clean one automatically based on an automation system using PLC S7-1200 and a SIMATIC HMI for the supervision of this system.

Category: CHEMISTRY Country: TUNISIA Year: 2021


Mohamed Hedi Daimi

Abdelhafidh Jlali