GOLD RICE: Gold Nano-sensors for the protection of the Health and the Environment

Our project aims to find new strategies for identifying chemical residues that are toxic to the environment and humans using Green Chemistry principles and Nanotechnologies. The Italian production of rice is about 1,500,000 tons/year, despite these numbers large quantities of rice are imported to meet national needs. We developed a colorimetric sensor based on gold nanoparticles for the detection of bromide ions in rice samples. The nano-sensors obtained can be used to analyse both heavy metals such as chromium (with chromatic change in AuNPs from wine red to blue-violet) and Br- ions (with chromatic change from blue to red). Br – is a dangerous contaminant residue, which can result from the use of illegal material such as methyl bromide used as a fumigant in stored rice samples.

Category: CHEMISTRY Country: ITALY Year: 2021


Andrea Letizia

Sara Peverali