Is the study of chemical reactions possible on the scale of a drop?

Chemical experimentation on the scale of a one microliter drop imposes many challenges:What drop container could replace the beaker we use at school? How to design a suitable probe to analyze a drop? All these questions, have been the subject of our study for over two years. To answer them, with the advice of our partners, we have built and perfected a device. It currently can generate homogenized drops of reaction mixtures in a cell. A laser beam scans them. The images obtained are read by a photoreceptor. We analyze the evolution curves of the signal and we deduce the drop absorbance. The composition of these reactional millireactors evolves throughout the process. To analyze the content of a drop, we made a system allowing the passage to and fro, before the laser beam, of a drops train.

Category: CHEMISTRY Country: FRANCE Year: 2021



Louenn Colineaux