Synthesis of helper lipid as a component of cationic liposomes for gene therapy

Gene therapy is a promising approach to the treatment of hereditary and acquired diseases, which consists in the introduction of therapeutic nucleic acids into the cell for a targeted change in its functions. Cationic liposomes are able to protect such nucleic acids from biological factors, and to deliver them into target cells. An important component of cationic liposomes are helper lipids, which stabilize the structure of liposomes and control the release of genetic material. Currently used helper lipids may be destroyed in the bloodstream, therefore the problem of designing more stable analogues is actual task As a result of the work, the new helper lipid which contains serine as a hydrophilic domain was synthesized and it will be used for the preparation of cationic liposomes.

Category: CHEMISTRY Country: RUSSIA Year: 2020


Anna Levchenko