Characterization of the activities and biochemical parameters of maltase AG2 from the non-convential yeast Blastobotrys adeninivorans

Non-conventional yeasts and their enzymes are scarcely studied but they could have unique characteristics with biotechnological applications which are uncommon for enzymes of bakers’ yeast. α-Glycosidases are enzymes which hydrolyze sugars, but some of them synthesize short saccharides. The aim of the study was to characterize the activities and biochemical parameters of α-glucosidase AG2 (BaAG2) from evolutionally old yeast Blastobotrys adeninivorans. Protein sequence of BaAG2 was analyzed and several experiments were carried out to determine its biotechnological potential. The results showed that BaAG2 is a highly active enzyme with a common buffer component as an inhibitor. Assay of products showed that BaAG2 synthesizes rare trisaccharide that could potentially promote humans’ health.

Category: BIOLOGY Country: ESTONIA Year: 2021


Eliis Grigor