Fisetin, a natural flavonoid, diminishes the metabolic activity of senescent colorectal cancer cells and may affect the process of autophagy in HCT116

Senescence is a state in which cells stop dividing but are metabolically active and release tumour-promoting factors. Chemotherapy can induce transient senescence of cancer cells, which may influence cancer relapse. Hence, eliminating senescent cancer cells with senolytics has potential in anticancer therapy. A process called autophagy may affect the action of senolytics. In my project, I observed that fisetin reduces the metabolic activity of colon cancer cells in two models of senescence induction. Fisetin caused changes of senescent morphology and decreased levels of senescence biomarkers. Results also show that it may affect autophagy in proliferating and senescent cells. These results suggest that fisetin may counteract senescence of cancer cells, but this requires further research.

Category: BIOLOGY Country: POLAND Year: 2020


Aleksander Leon Łysomirski