The Role of ARTS in Stem Cell Apoptosis: Identifying a Novel Compound for Regenerative Medicine and Disease Therapies

Although much is known regarding stem cell (SC) self-renewal and differentiation, the specific mechanisms used for their elimination is still unclear. One key pro-apoptotic protein is ARTS. We showed that the absence of ARTS in mice protected intestinal stem cells from apoptosis (cellular suicide), which prevented radiation-induced cell death, as well as enhanced regeneration. We also identified a novel compound which has a significant potential for limiting apoptosis in the intestinal crypt both in healthy and diseased states, like Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. Collectively, our results offer the potential to dramatically advance our basic understanding of SC biology, elucidate novel functional pathways and advance novel SC-based approaches for regenerative medicine and targeted therapies.

Category: BIOLOGY Country: ISRAEL Year: 2020


Noa Priselac