Application of a combination of extracellular pH acidification and rottlerin in cancer cells as one of the anticancer therapies

We investigated the modifications of the pH of the cell culture medium in the environment of cancer cells with the aim of finding a new anti-cancer therapy. We tried to find out the ideal pH for performing anti-cancer therapy procedures and apply it to SKBR3 cells. From the observed results, we concluded that the ideal pH for our proposed therapy was 6. Then we focused on studying the effect of rottlerin on U-87MG cells. We investigated the effect of low extracellular pH on the efficacy of rottlerin treatment. Moreover, the combination of rottlerin and the change in extracellular pH resulted in a higher efficacy of the treatment effect. These results not only confirm the potential of rottlerin, but also prove the application of pH alteration method as a way to rationalise chemotherapy.

Category: BIOLOGY Country: SLOVAKIA Year: 2021


Laura Burdova